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“When you book a Free Consultation you will be automatically entered into our monthly giveaway competition of £150. Please note that only one winner is chosen at the end of each month. The winner of the competition will be notified approximately at the end of each month by email. The winner is chosen at random by our team with an external, non hair4all London team member present at all times, in order to follow fair play rules. Due to the volume of entrants that we receive we are unable to notify those who are unsuccessful. Each entrant is only eligible once, and are automatically entered based on the month that the free consultation was booked. We are unable to except entrants who have already ordered from us.”

“The £150 prize is only eligible towards your first order and no transactions of currency will be presented. The £150 will only be applied towards your first order and is available for a limited time. Full details of the expiry date will be provided in your winning email confirmation.’’

“Please feel free to email info@hair4alllondon.com or by filling out our contact form for further information.” Please click here.


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